Ollie Eco is a designer and multimedia artist based in Davis, California. He’s fascinated by the process by which ideas are distilled into visual language. His interests include visual narratives, design systems, and media archaeology.

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Whisper, 2024.

Whisper fosters meaningful in-person conversations to combat loneliness and promote human connection. 
They engage youth through events and activities that encourage genuine dialogue​.

Miscellaneous support materials.

Role: Designer

Index Space, 2023.

Index is a mixed-use community center for non-conforming ideas and methods of creative exchange. Artwork for a semester of programming, abstract representations of each course. 

Additional compositional direction on “Here Comes the Neighborhood” by Alexa Ann Bonono.

BAVC, 2023.

Bay Area Video Coalition rebrand including sister organizations - BAVC Youth, SF Commons, and Reel Stories.

Accolade, 2021.

Accolade website rebrand.
Creative Director: Jonathan Haggard.
Role: Designer, UI/UX.

BAMMS, 2021.

The Bay Area Media Maker Summit (BAMMS) is a new collaborative initiative to cultivate a healthy and inclusive Bay Area filmmaking community.

Wordmark configuration represents an abstract map of the Bay Area, the intersecting lines of BART:

B = North Bay
A = Peninsula
M = The Bay/Inner East Bay
M = Outer East Bay
S = South Bay

System developed w/ Omar Mohammad + Martin Gaona.

Misc. 2020-2023.